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Presentation – Chronological History

As a member of Electronics Industry, Zubelzu manufactures professional Printed Circuit Boards.

Our Technical resource along with highly qualified and experienced work force allows us to give a full service to our customers, with all the needed equipment for the production of the whole bare PCB in-site.

Ever since the founding of ZUBELZU in 1979, management has adopted the philosophy of continuous developments to satisfy ongoing and changing market demands and technological evolvement. As a result of this it is now regarded as a reference in the World of Printed Circuit Technology. 

In 2010, our "state of the art" manufacturing facility was transferred to a new 3,000 m2, modern factory premises in Northern Spain.

Today, we cannot ignore the rapidly emerging Eastern markets, so we have developed Asian format production facilities for high volume production, fully backed by our technical support team to address this market. 

The General Management of ZUBELZU S.L. establishes, communicates and revises the Quality Policy as a reference framework and commitment to action for all stakeholders.
The Quality Policy is available to all interested parties through the email calidad@zubelzu.com

cadena produccion

  • 1979 Creation of Zubelzu S.L.
  • 1987 Inauguration of the Avenida de Elizatxo Factory.
  • 1991 First Multilayer production lines installed.
  • 1992 UL 94 grade V-0 approval.
  • 1994 Creation of Deuska, S.L. (Technical and Engineering office).
  • 1995 1st Production line expansion reaching 3500 m2/month.
  • 1997 ISO 9002: 1994 approval.
  • 1999 2nd Production line expansion reaching production capacity of 6000 m2/month.
  • 2009 Plant transfer to new state of the art facilities in Araso Ind. estate near Irun.
  • 2010 Merge of Deuska and Zubelzu called Zubelzu S.L, with its base in Araso.
  • 2011 ISO 9001: 2008 Approval.
  • 2011 Large investment for manufacturing of high Layer complex PCBs (Class VII).
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • C/Erregeoiana Nº9
  • Araso Industrial Estate
  • 20305 Irun (Spain)
  • Phone: +34 943 63 23 04
  • Fax:     +34 943 62 32 80
  • e-mail: