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We are very proud of our reputation for always providing the highest Quality and Service for our customers and our new facility at ZUBELZU will ensure that we will continue to do so.

Strict documented procedures, work instructions and control guidelines, auto control in each production stage, a well trained and experienced work-force team along with modern installations and machines allows one to recognize, characterize and detect defects and potential problems even before they occur.

Furthermore, the continuous automatic feedback of information from the Factory floor gives a perfect traceability along with real-time information in order to apply corrective actions and adjustments the instant a deviation is detected. With this we optimize the final results and minimize variations in the process.



  • UL 94 CLASS V-0
  • IPC-A-600 rev G: 2004
  • IPC-6011
  • IPC-6012
  • IPC-PE-740
  • UNE 66020-1


  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • C/Erregeoiana Nº9
  • Araso Industrial Estate
  • 20305 Irun (Spain)
  • Phone: +34 943 63 23 04
  • Fax:     +34 943 62 32 80
  • e-mail: